How to Plot a Novella

Planning your story doesn’t have to be boring -  we live in the age of apps, cool technology and online resources. Or, if you’re more a traditional soul, a simple mind-map can work wonders.
If you’re not one for hand-written plans, apps like Trello, Slack or even the calendar on your phone can be helpful.
Trello, allows you to create a board for your novella and a subsequent set of ‘lists’. Once you’ve tackled your initial list - which should be to answer your story’s question or premise - you can then go on to form this answer into a structured plot.
By adding the beginning, middle and end to your board, you’ll be able to easily see your plot take shape while being able to add in important ideas, plot twists or new characters. 
If you’re looking to keep it simple, using your phone calendar can be your friend.

The best thing about these methods?
They’re portable and easy to work with, meaning you can work on your masterpiece while on the way to work, in your favourite cafe or while out on a walk.