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Ghostwriting John Herdman
  • ISBN: 9781914090035
The Black Vampyre
  • ISBN: 9781914090004
The Levite's Concubine
  • ISBN: 9781914090851
oscar wilde walks in a brightly coloured rainbow coat before a crowd of people
  • ISBN: 9798398074581
The Crux
  • ISBN: 9781914090172
The Yellow Wallpaper
  • ISBN: 9781914090349
Clapperton John Herdman
  • ISBN: 9781914090011
close ups of the faces of Indian girls make up the cover of this special edition of Jane Eyre
  • ISBN: 9798399694269
The Sinister Cabaret
  • ISBN: 9781914090615
Imelda Novel John Herdman
  • ISBN: 9780993227257
anarchist emma goldman stands in a leather jacket in a burning city on the cover of her collection of essays titled anarchism and other essays
  • ISBN: 9798397490559
Karl Marx stands on Wall Street beside a shining Rolls Royce dressed like a successful industrialist
  • ISBN: 9798398943511
Hell by Henri Barbusse
  • ISBN: 9781914090189