Hell by Henri Barbusse


by Henri Barbusse


"Happiness needs unhappiness. Joy goes hand in hand with sorrow. It is thanks to the shadow that we exist. We must not dream of an absurd abstraction. We must guard the bond that links us to blood and earth. 'Just as I am!' Remember that. We are a great mixture." 
A young man, tired of life and love, indifferent to the people and world around him, takes up a room in a Parisienne boarding house.
Noises from the adjoining room draw his attention to a hole in the wall, and he observes its occupants through it.
He becomes obsessed with the individual episodes of human life that play out before his eyes; love, adultery, incest, childbirth, death, thievery and betrayal. Through his voyeurism, the unnamed narrator becomes an omniscient godlike character, observing the room’s inhabitants in their most private and naked moments. The hole becomes a window to the very soul of humanity and the human condition.
But as with Prometheus, his godlike powers come at a cost.













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ISBN: 9781914090189
ISBN: 9781914090189