Novella Express

Novella Express is a book series celebrating the full diversity and energy of literature's most precious form ― the novella. In each edition find three new voices writing across different subjects and tones, all chosen to celebrate the skill, the passion and imagination of novella writers from across the globe.
Each of the book edition will be available in print form (including colour pages) and sold in high street shops through our distributor, or available from this website.
In addition, each novella will be produced as an eBook, and distributed through our partners Faber Factory.
Alan Bissett
"Writers love novellas – more space for their characters’ psychology to occupy than in a short story, but without the demand to make multiple plot-strands cohere over a long period – but rarely do publishers make a virtue out of them. "

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New novellas, New writers, New stories ...

Just Like Him To Die

Douglas Bruton's novella re-imagines the last days of Dylan Thomas as he lies unconscious and dying far from his Welsh home in a hospital bed in New York.

Just Like Him To Die is subtitled ‘a short novel for voices’ which mirrors the subtitle for Under Milk Wood: (a play for voices)

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The Hardest Winter

Fiona and Drew live and work on a Scottish cattle farm. Beauty contrasts with the never ending chores and muck. Fiona is suffocated by the monotony of the endless tasks both in the farmhouse and outside.

Birth and death infiltrate her life till the harshest of winters with painful circumstances arrive.

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Heaven Burns

Set in 1622, Jen McGregor's historical novel of Scottish 'witchpricking' is a triumph. Runaway housewife Isobel has a duty to do, acting as clerk to John Dixon, the finest witchpricker in the country.

She’s sure it’s what God wants her to do, and that she can keep her growing feelings for Dixon in check. 

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In the near-future, those who can afford it will be genetically engineered to age slower and live longer, to have many lives within one life.


Albertine is a story about how technology might alter how we live and die, have sex, kill, earn, achieve, parent, and grow up. It’s also a timeless novella about the transitions all lovers make and—if they’re lucky—survive.

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