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Leamington Books publishes a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles under our ethos, Transformative Publishing.

Our authors are chosen for their undiscovered talents, unique perspectives and one-of-a-kind stories to tell. Leamington’s work is driven by a wish to bring these concepts into reality with passion, drive and support ― to make our authors’ dreams come true.

Our work can be summarised in our company values: fun, responsibility and creativity.

In 2021, we published 14 titles across multiple genres, including fiction, non-fiction, anthology and poetry.

At present, we manage six imprints: Leamington Books, Garrison, The Magic Road, Gothic World Literature Editions, Pierpoint and Poetry Imprint. We aim for our imprints to carry an interesting, multifaceted set of work ― for example, Garrison is the home of crime and psychological drama, whilst our Gothic World Literature Editions re- introduces and re-presents important classics, such as The Crux and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman; Mizora by Mary E. Bradley Lane; The Black Vampyre by Uriah Derrick D’arcy; and Hell by Henri Barbusse.

Our 2021 bestsellers included Charlie Roy’s emotional drama, The Broken Pane, and Colin Burnett’s Scots socio-political story collection, A Working Class State of Mind; alongside Ewan Gault’s gritty small-town thriller, The Sound of Sirens, and Karen Taylor’s exciting serial-killer chase, Fairest Creatures.

We have recently partnered with Scotland’s best-known radical political blog Bella Caledonia, to produce an anthology of writing from 2007 to 2021.

We have published popular non-fiction titles The Runes: A Grounding in Northern Magic by James Flowerdew; and Blockchain, Bitcoin and You by Temple Melville.

Leamington also publishes the work of John Herdman, Scotland’s key post-war novella and short novel writer, whose books have a gothic and sometimes supernatural edge, in the tradition of Scott and Hogg.

We value neurodivergent, disabled and chronically ill writers and editors, taking measures to ensure that every submission opening or writing opportunity strongly encourages these works and narratives.

In 2021 we became a Community Interest Company on the basis of carrying this goal into the future.

In 2022 we have published Carla the debut poetry collection from Carla Woodburn; and Polaris by Scotland’s premier Gaelic writer Marcas Mac an Tuairneir.

We are delighted to have become a country finalist for The Bookseller’s Small Press of the Year Award in 2022.

Our title The Sound of Sirens by Ewan Gault is currently longlisted for the 2022 McIlvanney Crime Award.