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Leamington Books' current list includes Charlie Roy, Karen Taylor, Ewan Gault, John Herdman, Lesley Storm, Colin Burnett, Jim Ferguson, Eddie Gibbons, and James Flowerdew.

Our Gothic World Literature Editions imprint republishes The Black Vampyre (1819), The Crux by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Hell by Henri Barbusse.

Our fiction  // counterfiction imprint Pierpoint Press publishes Stuart MacGregor's 1973 novel The Sinner, and Colin Burnett's debut A Working Class State of Mind.

We offer writers royalty rates and ownership of their rights, while paying them to license their work to us.

We publish print Edinburgh Editions, Print-On-Demand, eBook and Audible versions of our titles.





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A Working Class State of Mind by Colin Burnett - - buy it from Lighthouse or  direct from this website or find it on Kindle, and on Google Play Store, and on Kobo  // It's About Time by Lesley Storm on Kobo, Kindle, and on Google Play Store // Buy Blockchain, Bitcoin and You from this site, from Kindle, on Kobo and on Google Play Store. It's About Time by Lesley Storm is also available from Lighthouse.

The Broken Pane by Charlie Roy is available from this site // The Broken Pane in Hardcover is available to order from Waterstones, and from 1st October will be available on Amazon //

 Ewan Gault's The Sound of Sirens available from Foyles //

Follow Colin Burnett on Twitter // The Runes: a Grounding in Northern Magic by James Flowerdew on Amazon //

The Crux by Charlotte Perkins Gilman on Kindle // Hell by Henri Barbusse - - especially nice on Kindle

Read Imelda by John Herdman, the book that kicked off our publishing career - - Imelda is available from our own website and on Amazon, Imelda by John Herdman on Kobo, on Kindle and also on Google Play Store. Imelda by John Herdman at Waterstones.

Thank you to Waterstones who stock The Sinner by Stuart MacGregor; and thank you to Waterstones for also stocking Voice Without Restraint by John Herdman, The Broken Pane by Charlie RoyThe Crux by Charlotte Perkins Gilman,

Voice Without Restraint: Bob Dylan's Lyrics 1961 - 1981 by John Herdman is available on Kobo, in Paperback, on Kindle, and in Google Play Store // Find out about The Scotcoin Project // Like Leamington Books on Facebook  // Check out LoveBooksGroup //  The Black Vampyre is still causing terror on Kobo!

Obtain Weird Pleasure by Jim Ferguson by visiting Google Play Store. Weird Pleasure on Kindle; Weird Pleasure on Kobo; Weird Pleasure in paperback from this website; they are all by Jim Fergson! // Visit Jim Ferguson's website too

Get Weird Pleasure by Jim Ferguson on Audible! 

Available Instantly - - hear the audio sample!

Ghostwriting by John Herdman on Google Play Store and on Rakuten Kobo - - this is an incredible Gothic tale from Scotland //