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Plotting a Powerful Novella

The best way to plan a novella is using a mind map or a ‘brain-dump’. They always work and don't take much time, either.

How to Plot a Novella

Planning your story doesn’t have to be boring -  we live in the age of apps, cool technology and online resources. Or, if you’re more a traditional soul, a simple mind-map can work wonders.

What Makes a Good Novella?

In order to understand what makes a good novella, you'll have to read some. That's a pleasure, and you'll also learn what you need to know.

The First Page of your Novella

In your writing, you should be striving to wow, please and entertain readers. This is what readers want, and it works best which it is obvious from the first page.

Why Write a Novella?

Novellas are a great way to gain experience in writing. But there is so much more to it than that.
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How to Write Characters for Your Novella

A good place to start with writing characters is thinking of what they need / want most. Then list at least three things that are preventing them from achieving their goals.

The Single Conflict in Your Novella

Like a novel, a novella will usually have a conflict at the centre of the story.  Unlike a novel, in a novella there is usually just one single conflict rather than various things happening.
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Novellas versus Novels

Novellas and novels. Deceptively similar, almost like cousins. But Novellas are different!

Should a Novella Have Fewer Characters Than a Novel?

Novella writers chose the novella form because it allows them a certain focus ― as opposed to the potential breadth of a novel. For that reason there are often fewer characters in a novella.

Are You Writing a Novel or a Novella?

Are you writing a novella, or a short story, or a novel? Many people who write a novel, write a novella first.

The Importance of the Central Character in a Novella

You want to get everything right in your novella. If it doesn’t work out, you’ve learned more, and you’ve lost less. Still however, for the very best results you need to flesh out your protagonist.

The Three Types of Novella

The shorter length of the novella poses a series of questions: where do I start my story? When do I end it? And how do I fit in everything I want to say?