Fairest Creatures crime novel Cornwall
'A dark and sinister hunt for a serial killer had me hooked from the first page.'
Dreda Say Mitchell

Looks to die for.

A serial killer’s dark obsession with the preservation of beauty sees him return to stalk the streets of Penzance in the summer of 2019. It’s 23 years since his first victims went missing, setting DI Brandon Hammett on the hunt for the Sleeping Beauty Killer.
A beautiful woman is being held captive in an unknown location. Although not physically injured, she is manacled to a chair in a darkened, sinister dining room. Her captor is polite but menacing. Her female companions silent spectators. 
When a glass box is found in Prussia Cove, containing a conch and the ear of a missing beauty, a murder investigation is launched. Is the Sleeping Beauty Killer back? Or is this a copycat killing?
What’s clear is an evasive, clever killer is at large, presenting DI Brandon Hammett with a deadly race against time. 

Presenting Fairest Creatures by Karen Taylor a fast-moving serial thriller killer, and the first title in our Garrison imprint.

15th October 2021




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ISBN: 9780955488580