the book cover of S6 by TS Westbrook shows an oil rig leg as seen from the sea floor with a body floating in the arctic water above
The Red Cross is on a humanitarian mission to locate missing oil worker Calum Mackenzie. 
RB McGehee, second-tier reporter with Global Press’s two-man Edinburgh bureau, files a couple of paragraphs for the US wire agency and expects to hear nothing further. 
There are in any case bigger fish to fry: Scotland has unveiled unilateral carbon reduction measures, a diplomatic hoo-ha with Norway threatens to escalate into what the locals would call a proper stooshie, and Frankfurt HQ is cracking down on expenses.
The story, however, refuses to go away. And McGehee – risking life, love and career – is entangled in a desperate race against time to solve the riddle of what happened to the experimental drilling platform Sligachan 6.
S6 follows McGehee’s investigations as he visits oil companies, government offices and whistle-blowers. Closed doors turn to violent responses the closer McGehee gets to the truth.
This new investigative thriller from TS Westbrook is published in May 2023.
this is author todd westbrook, writing as TS Westbrook for the investigate thriller S6




An immersive and intensely satisfying investigation into the unethical world of Arctic oil exploration. RB McGee is an old school journalist whose nose for a good story makes him fantastic company. A gripping and hard-hitting expose of the unethical practices of oil exploration. Journalist RB McGee's search for a missing man threatens to reveal secrets that powerful people want to keep submerged.

Ewan Gault

With S6, TS Westbrook delivers an enthralling slice of noir. It's a slow-burning missing-person mystery but the novel canters along nicely with neat domestic storytelling, a topical political angle and great insight into investigative journalism. Westbrook has a keen eye for observation and it is this aspect I was particularly impressed with. Every chapter offers some eloquent reflection; whether it's the cobbled streets of old-town Edinburgh, the rugged northeast or within the interactions of the well-drawn characters. I look forward to reading more from TS Westbrook.

Stuart Johnstone (author of Into The Dark and Out In The Cold)

This really is a behind-the-scenes look at how governments and companies are intertwined and it just so happens to be in this case the oil and gas industries. It was a fast-paced read that captured my attention from the get-go as I have numerous relatives that work in this sector and going by their stories I can see something like this occurring! RB was a great character, had an interesting background and was a tenacious reporter. I liked his style, just digging away until he got to the truth.

Books By Bindu

S6 digs deep into political and ecological issues, whilst still making it exciting and about a mystery afoot. I loved that it was raw and honest, with gritty determination and sometimes a bit of language thrown in, as it rang true to the Scottish nature, making it even more fun to connect with and enjoy. I liked the characters, especially when they gave a bit of cheek to get where they needed or the information they wanted. It was honest and real, which is exactly what a book like this has to have to keep the proper feel.

Pause The Frame

I really loved the author's writing style, and it kept me hooked to the story. I believe the author's strong point is descriptive writing style and his knowledge of the newspaper world. Highly recommend this cleverly written investigative thriller with ecological and political themes.

Nimalee Ravi

A gripping read that was full of vivid descriptions and rich imagery that really helped me immerse myself fully into the story and feel like I was along for the ride. I am discovering that I am loving books that involve climate and environmental issues and this is one of my favourite so far.

Fiction Vixen

I’ve read a few environmental novels before but very different to this one. With strong language and a gritty storyline this is an interesting tale of investigative journalism, governmental corruption and climate change/environmental issues. A good descriptive novel, full of suspense and an enjoyable read.

Lynda’s Book Reviews

This book really drew me in with its mix of politics, ecological concerns and, of course, the search for a missing person. The added bonus for me was the Scottish focus - all too often such books are very London centric - but the focus on the Scottish Government and the oil and gas industry necessitated a more northerly location.

Promising Pages

This book is about so much more than the rig, it's about climate change, capitalism, greed, and the lengths people are willing to go to (and what they'll overlook or trample all over in the process). A gripping read with mystery at its heart, that really encouraged me to think about lots of things beyond the obvious. I'd like to give a shout out to the main character too... he's probably quite a marmite character, but I enjoyed his depth and hiw complicated he was!

Mostly Murder Mystery

I was hooked by the first page of this, it really opens with a bang! I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to enjoy this, it seemed a little out of my comfort zone and sounded political which I’m not always a fan of in my books but I was pleasantly surprised! I liked the ecological side of this and the setting was interesting and unique, I’ve definitely never read something quite like this before. The same can be said by the writing style which I found refreshing whilst still being fast paced and intriguing!

Beck and her B00ks

This story is the epitome of a slow burn. Before you know it, you'll be immersed in trying to figure out what's going on right alongside our illustrious, if gruff and unloveable, reporter. Descriptions are TS Westbrook's strong point, putting me in the room with these powerful personalities, allowing me to feel the sticky bar and see the familiar newsroom setting. This comes in handy as he describes the various beautiful locations in the book, turning it into a wonderful, atmospheric experience.

Amorina Carlton

A good debut book that I devoured in a day which made me think and question along the way. Notes were made all over the book and more reading will follow on from this book. We know things like this happen, governments keep secrets, lies are told. The powerful get greedier so reading about it was very believable.

Kindle or Book

I loved the eco angle of the plot as this is such a hot topic at the moment. It helps bring to light things that maybe we all should be more mindful of! I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with our main character, McGehee, though. A tough guy who likes to take control and who is a little brash - but it really worked here. I love a gritty, down to earth MC who is really interesting to explore and watch develop. The writing style was completely refreshing and a style I'd definitely read again. It was fast-paced, exciting and intriguing and I really struggled to put it down.

Bookaholic 17

  • ISBN: 9781914090769