leamington books

by Peter Burnett

The Sound of Sirens Longlisted for the 2022 McIlvanney Prize

2022 McIlvanney Prize

We were overjoyed to hear last week about our long-listing for the 2022 McIlvanney Crime Prize.

As a result of our 2020 - 21 winter crime submission window, we received 36 submissions, and there were three readers involved; all were quite unanimous Ewan's book was outstanding.

Meeting Ewan and starting to work witrh him was a pleasure, and so exciting. Most of all for Ewan, he was working with as completely new company, and so clearly that was quite a risk for him that we are so glad he took.

We need to thank Ambrose Kelly for editorial and marketing on the book; Craig Gibson for his edit; Joshua Andrew for layout; Cavan Convery for creating that cover that says it all; Kelly Lacey who so brilliantly spread the word; and the other readers and those involved.


The longlist in full:
A Matter of Time by Claire Askew (Hodder)
The Sound of Sirens by Ewan Gault (Leamington Books)
The Blood Tide by Neil Lancaster (HarperCollins)
From the Ashes by Deborah Masson (Transworld)
The Heretic by Liam McIlvanney (HarperCollins)
Rizzio by Denise Mina (Polygon)
May God Forgive by Alan Parks (Canongate)
A Corruption of Blood by Ambrose Parry (Canongate)
A Rattle of Bones by Douglas Skelton (Polygon)
The Second Cut by Louise Welsh (Canongate)