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by Peter Burnett

Novella Express Launched

Novella Express Launched

Novella Express has been a long term plan of Leamington Books, and we'd like to make publishing new novellas a central part of our business.

The first three editions of Novella Express have been curated and editing and design is under way.


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We've taken a lot of time to get the look of Novella Express just right, and for this all the thanks must go to ambrose.visual and Cavan Convery. These are mockups of what the finished books will look like; nice but no substitute for how it is going to feel in your hands!

In terms of funding a project like this we have looked at grant funding and loans, and will do so again; although for the time-being we think that Kickstarter is the way forward. That way anyone interested in the books can pay for them up front and we can offer a ton of rewards, including ebooks from our current list.