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by Peter Burnett

"Bremen" by Lesley Storm

 Lesley Storm

Lesley Storm reads the poem BREMEN from her debut collection, IT'S ABOUT TIME.

I still wonder how 
the fuck we made it back to Bremen
from day trips out to 
Oldenburg and Bremerhaven,
stoned beyond madness,
living on coffee, and
acid, and
beer and hash.
A bloody miracle you didn't 
crash that
junk-yard piece of trash.
I lost so much weight -
I might have died ,
but you fed me and kept me warm,
for weeks
and loved me back to life.
We moved away when they
found Karl floating in the Wesser -
the police were asking
questions we couldn't answer -
giving answers we couldn't remember.
You found a new boyfriend
in Christiania
before I left to come home -
(I suppose it was home) -
he had a supplier -
your van was useful,
and he loved you like I didn't.
He was French -
or something -
he spoke French, carried a knife,
said he had a pistol in his knapsack -
you seemed happy,
I was just glad to get myself clean at last.
Copyright © 2020 Lesley Storm