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Bluebird by Sonia Hadj Said in Novella Express 3

For authors, seeing their book in print for the first time is an exhilarating experience. After months or even years of hard work, it is a moment of validation and accomplishment. Holding the physical book in their hands can be a surreal and emotional experience, as it represents the culmination of their creative vision.

The excitement may begin with the anticipation of receiving the first copy of the book, often sent by the publisher. Authors may eagerly await the package, and the moment it arrives, they may feel a rush of emotions as they tear open the box and hold the book for the first time.
Some authors describe the feeling of seeing their book in print as a mixture of pride, joy, and relief. They may feel proud of the hard work and effort they put into the book, as well as the finished product. They may experience a sense of joy in knowing that their words will now be available to readers and have the potential to make an impact. They may also feel relieved that the long process of writing, editing, and publishing is finally complete.