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by Peter Burnett

A Working Class State of Mind

colin burnett author book the inside cover of the book a working class state of mind by Colin Burnett against a yellow background

‘Earthy and colourful with engaging, recognisable characters. Packed with great wee stories.
All in all, a very enjoyable read.’
Jane McCarry, Actress.

Thank you to Jane McCarry, among the most talented in our country, for taking a moment get back to us about how much she enjoyed Colin Burnett's incredible debut A WORKING CLASS STATE OF MIND.

Colin's debut is still available - - quote ISBN 9781914090158

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Over 200 Amazon reviews and still proving popular, Colin Burnett's book is a strong debut and it's a great vibe to be part of it.

As well as the Amazon reviews, there are these:

"Burnett will no doubt be hoping that loveable psycho Aldo might become the new Begbie, a character burned into the Scottish psyche. With Burnett’s hardman character also striking first and asking questions later."

-- Edinburgh Evening News

"This honest, often gritty account of working-class life is full of dark humour and tales of perseverance through hard times. Fans of Irvine Welsh and James Kelman will enjoy this new and exciting young author."

-- Alasdair Peoples, Visit Scotland

"A glimpse into working-class life in Leith in all its shades and kaleidoscopes. This is Burnett’s first book and he has talent, a rare voice and way with characters which is compelling and at times spellbinding. One to watch for in future."

-- Gerry Hassan, Author and Commentator

"The comic spirit, infused with a Frankie Boyle-like spiky humour, makes them a hoot to read. They also display the fierce class loyalty that distinguishes James Kelman and this gives them an extra punch."

-- Sean Sheehan, Scottish Left Review

colin burnett author book the inside cover of the book a working class state of mind by Colin Burnett against a yellow background


"Sharp, witty and thought provoking with undeniable shadows of Welsh and Kelman - Colin Burnett’s debut makes for an incredibly tantalising read."

-- Eilidh Reid, Scots Independent Newspaper

"Finishing A Working Class State of Mind left me looking forward to reading more by Burnett, a strong new voice in Scots and Scottish literature who demands working class voices be heard and read on their own terms. Mair power to his elbow."

-- Erin Farley, Bella Caledonia

"Colin Burnett is an exciting new voice in Scottish fiction - his debut collection of short stories, A Working Class State of Mind, starring Aldo, along with his friends Dougie and Craig, is garnering a lot of attention, and rightly so."

-- Books From Scotland, Part of Our Favourite Things Issue

"Colin Burnett is not only demanding his voice is heard, but that none should be silenced or denied. There is a call for cultural legitimacy which lifts A Working Class State of Mind to another level."

-- Alastair Braidwood, Snack Magazine

"There are obvious influences of Welsh, Kelman and perhaps Warner too in this compelling debut collection, and like these mentors, Burnett brings what feels like lived experience to his writing.  His protagonists are full of life in all their frightening brutality, dark humour and ultimate humanity and it is the sheer believability of them and their exploits that places this fresh new voice in Scottish working-class literature at the top of the ever-blossoming tree."

-- Loretta Mulholland, Into The Creative

"Most novels that came out in the era of globalisation made an effort to blur the protagonists’ identity to give them a more universal appeal and market feasibility. Burnett is boldly and importantly swimming against this tide and making the identities come out more vividly via the language. That is the counter-hegemonic struggle that directly challenges the dominant discourse and structure, which aims to homogenise socio-cultural uniqueness and variety."

-- Dr Aashish Xaxa, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Doing Sociology

"Burnett’s short stories in Scots have found favour with an increasingly curious audience looking to connect with their roots."

-- Paul Kelbie, Discover Scotand

"Colin Burnett is a writer from Edinburgh - and one of the most exciting voices around."

-- Dr Richard Irvine, Anthropologies of Scotland, The University of St Andrews

"The stories about anti hero Aldo goading a junior fitba goalkeeper, and caring for a dug are modern classics of the Scots Gothic genre, where you laugh but feel slightly guilty about laughing because of the subject matter. Scottish literature has always prided itself on its democratic pedigree - giving voice to sections of society which go unrecorded in many other countries. Colin Burnett is a new and bright young star in contemporary Scots letters, and I look forward to more excellent writing from him in the future."

-- Billy Kay, Writer and Broadcaster