hypnosis guide represented by a human head enclosing many 'apps' which may be used by the mind all in gentle blue tonesA new approach to hypnotherapy along with several detailed, working examples, appropriate for anyone familiar with a smart-phone or tablet.

This method comprises a sequence of visualisations the model for which most people are already intimately familiar. It's something that we intuitively understand and with which we feel completely comfortable and at home – our own mobile phone.
The approach presented in this hypnotherapy toolkit was born from a need to create a metaphorical framework which younger clients in particular, whatever the depth of their knowledge of literature, traditional fairy tales or myth, would find easy to visualise, understand and accept.
Smart-phones have become ubiquitous and, with the increasing saturation of the market with ever more sophisticated devices capable of an ever-rising number of functions, the vast majority of younger clients are fully familiar with the way these devices operate, how they can be added to and how their settings can be easily updated.
Since these devices have also become an integral part of most young peoples’ lives - indeed, for some they are akin to an extra limb - the 'updating apps' metaphor is instantly understood, and the client feels completely at ease and at home with the entire visualisation process.
Many younger people regard their phone as their most valuable possession, turning to it for communication, entertainment, learning and solace. They already regard these devices as reliable avenue out of their frustrations, a refuge from their difficulties, a place to find answers and solutions.
Happily, the approach offered in this volume also works just as well with those who are well-read thus providing a methodology which can be used with anyone who understands how to manage a smart-phone or tablet.
Seven full scripts are presented within this volume each dealing with a specific problem or ailment. The scripts are infinitely adaptable. The general idea of 'updating one's internal apps' should work with almost any problem and there is sufficient material within this volume for anyone to create their own personalised 'Updating Apps' scripts simply by editing the material they find here to suit their clients’ problems.
The ‘Updating Apps Modules’ chapter breaks the scripts down into their constituent parts providing a step-by-step methodology for this purpose.
Advice and instructions on how to read or deliver these scripts are also provided along with links to online recordings of examples of speaking to both the conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously - delivering an overt message to the conscious mind along with the more important but covert subtext for the unconscious mind to follow, digest and implement.
Inductions and deepeners are included and each of the full scripts is provided with two exductions, "Wake up!" and "Go to sleep..." The "Go to sleep..." exductions are provided should you wish to record the scripts either for yourself or your client to listen to before sleeping.



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  • ISBN: 9781914090110