the runes by james flowerdew


The Runes

by James Flowerdew


The Runes are more than an ancient alphabet. They are a key to the wisdom of the ancient peoples that used them in both language and magic. 
THE RUNES, A Grounding in Northern Magic by James Flowerdew aims to help you on your first steps to divining with The Runes and using the magic of these ancient peoples.
Actual practical success and failure is shared candidly in the hope that the reader can learn in a safe and steady manner. All combined into a neat guide to Runic practices and the inner workings of this ancient alphabet. 
Full of direct references to ancient texts, as well as ripping yarns and poignant anecdotes, this book demonstrates Rune magic and the underlying principles and culture that inform it, as well as some general magical practices.
This guide helps make sure that the reader's first steps into Runic mysticism are on solid ground, and allows everyone who wishes to work with The Runes to make intelligent choices of their own.
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  • ISBN: 9781914090448