john herdman anthology
A Celebration of John Herdman
Not Dark Yet is a new anthology dedicated to the Scottish writer John Herdman.



Published to mark John Herdman's 80th birthday in 2021.

Writers, academics, publishers and literary figures from Britain, Europe and North America came together to celebrate Scottish novelist and critic, John Herdman.

The cast of Not Dark Yet are John Herdman’s contemporaries and friends, his students and readers.
This celebration of John Herdman is witness to the strength of admiration that exists for this Scottish writer’s work, a body of writing that extends over a period of seven decades.
And seven decades is impressive — especially for a man who is only just turning eighty.
D. M. Black . Valerie Gillies . Regi Claire . Morelle Smith . Jennie Renton
Willie Archibald . Roderick Watson . Seán Bradley . James Robertson
Todd McEwen . Sally Evans . Margaret Bennett . Alan Taylor . Regi Claire
Robin Gillanders . Hayden Murphy . James Aitchison . Richard Price
David Campbell . Jean Berton . Alan Spence . Richie McCaffery
Carl MacDougall . Hugh Gilbert . Craig Gibson . David Punter
Alan Riach . Marjorie Sandor . Ewan Morrison . Angus Martin
Mario Relich . Alan Mason . Andrew Greig . Ron Butlin . Tom Pow
John Burns . Gordon Wright . Jonathan Penner . Macdonald Daly
Robin Fulton Macpherson . Peter Burnett . Stewart Conn
Stuart Kelly . Lesley Storm . Hamish Whyte . Douglas Eadie . Ian Spring
Nicholas Blyth . Michael Hollington . Trevor Royle . Walter Perrie
John Herdman 


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