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Weird Pleasure

by Jim Ferguson


Poems and lyrics from free-flowing Glasgow writer Jim Ferguson ― poet, novelist, dissenter, teacher and performer.
Jim's loose, kinetic and improvisational rhythms are drawn from Scots speech and the ebb and flow of consciousness itself. 
With a sometimes gentle, sometimes psychotic candour, and a weird pleasure all of its own, Jim's voice shares politics, dreams and the surreal effects of globalism on the individual.
"If it wasn't so Kafkaesque, it would be Orwellian."
Jim Ferguson is a poet, pamphleteer and novelist based in Glasgow.
Born in  1961, Jim has been writing and publishing since 1986 and is a Creative Writing Tutor at Glasgow Kelvin College.
“The poems in Weird Pleasure walk onto the page from the streets of Glasgow, as soaked in real experience and observation as they are in literature, music, bar life and breakfasts. Like the flat-cap man in the opening poem who “walks on against / the home from work crowd” Ferguson’s poems buck the current and go their own way. This is heh jimmy with a slice of Jacques Brel, it’s a theatre of sound 
that you can touch, taste and smell."
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ISBN: 9780955488535
ISBN: 9780955488535