crumpled slime green empty cans of tuborg lager float down the liffey

What's the Moose, Munter?

by Sean McNulty
Munter lives for his dreams, but lately they have been provoking him.
Living out his days in the city of Dublin, forgotten and anonymous, he is haunted by an alcoholic past, the pigeon-faced girls of his life, and the ghost of a Japanese rock star.
While investigating this ghost, Munter meets and befriends Nobuko, a bereaved woman with a fierce drinking problem of her own. Their adventures bring them to late cafes and pub quizzes, as they roam the streets with the pale and the pole-axed, with God, Chinese philosophy . . . and a moose – whatever that is.
Could Nobuko be Munter’s ticket out of exile?
But when his new ally disappears one night under mysterious circumstances, Munter must face up to all the demons he left behind.
What’s the Moose, Munter is a strange, ghostly, bittersweet tale of lonely souls . . . and their slime-green cans.


  • ISBN: 9781914090912