two lives ja licia gainer novellaTwo Lives

by Ja' Licia Gainer


Joanna thought she would always struggle to trust men. 

From an unwell mother to a father battling addiction, Joanna was lost in a sea of panic, fear and worry. 
Dante believed he would never be able to open up to another person again, either. 
From an unwell mother to a father who battled with addiction, Dante had fallen into a world of dissociation and anger. 
But when these two lives collide, they find that through their love and time together, some wounds can heal. 
Overcoming their problems was never going to be easy. But through each other, Joanna and Dante will certainly try. 
In this tale of love, betrayal, and trust, the two lives of Joanna and Dante meet head on, both for better, and for worse.
From Ja ‘Licia Gainer, a writer based in Missouri, comes a tale of love, family and betrayal.
  • ISBN: 9781914090899