ground sine kang novella a man flings blank papers in the air so many they cover him completely

The Ground

by Siné


“To read is to perform. I have many names, however, that cannot be true. The title of this text has been changed many times, and these are the names I can still recall: ‘Drinking milk’, ‘Look!’, ‘The Breath’, and ‘Sin’. I am afraid of making mistakes. It seems mistakes are omnipresent, and the phobia about making a mistake is never discontinued. I am afraid I am alone.”

So starts Siné Kang’s metaphysical, existential tale of a mother and son. Sine’s work delves deep into the ideas of hatred, knowledge, the world, perfection, and the very concept of words themselves. 
With confidence in the written word, Sine’s masterful work rouses the readers mind in concepts and thoughts that will preoccupy a mind long after the work has been completed. Through witnessing the discussion between a mother and son, a son’s whose voice is ignored, and a mother whose ignorance is forced, we come to understand that the long discussions of Mother and Son on the page is merely an example of the discussions we wish to have with our friends, our loved ones, and ourselves. 
Siné is a poet and playwright in South Korea. She lives on an island called Namhae-gun. And she invites you to read along. 


  • ISBN: 9781914090905