Little Apples by Ricky Monahan Brown


An aspiring writer of gothic fiction and his wife move upstate when financial crisis hits New York City.

Their destination ― a house that was once the height of modernity and the orchard that they establish there. 
As the couple begin a new life, crisis continues to stalk them. Astrid is slowly consumed by her beloved apple trees. The police are joined by the local community in investigating a headline missing person case, and nothing is quite as it seems. Then, when the pair seem to have established their own personal Eden, they must confront the ungodly powers gathering in the roots of the surrounding forests.
Ricky Monahan Brown’s Little Apples has all the aromatic flavour of the modern Gothic: sharply tart amid rot and decay. This dark and wry tale explores some of the strangest manifestations ever to be found growing at the heart of a contemporary marriage.
  • ISBN: 9781914090646