cover  for andrea layne black's novella Dear FIN


Jack Wilson is a young man mourning his beloved dog, on the eve of his 17th birthday and the six-year anniversary of the tragic death of his parents.

Andrea Layne Black’s novella Dear FIN creates the dazzling, funny, and raw world of a troubled teenager; coming of age; coming out; coming to terms; and coming together with new friends and loves.

The narrator Jack is an instant friend to the reader, too - - - and Jack will make you look at life more differently than ever before.

A book that dives deep into the pressures of how mental health and loss can take a toll on your life, Dear FIN is a fun heart-pounding novella that looks at coping with loss.

To read Dear FIN is to step with Jack as he struggles with friends, family, sexuality, and his troubled feelings in the small coastal community of Old Riverdam. A funny and charismatic tale from Canada, Dear FIN is a highly satisfying and thoughtful novella, within which the reader can unusually participate.


  • ISBN: 9781914090721