The Supper Book

An Invitation to Eat and Drink


The Supper Book is a once in a lifetime experience: a list of every single thing one man ate and drank over the course of one calendar year.

A glorious and crazy read, the food and drink in The Supper Book is glossed, especially when the author realised the incredible natures of the many concoctions he had purchased or been served.

In The Supper Book Peter Burnett demonstrates the character and virtues of his foods and collects notices on the history and culture of many of the meals that he found it worthwhile to comment upon.

The Supper Book also details manners of eating and drinking, and a list of the cafes, restaurants, bars and private homes visited.






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"The Supper Book is the title of a new tome by Peter Burnett, which lists everything the Edinburgh-based scribe ate and drank in a year. Why anyone would want to do this is a good question. Against formidable odds, however, Mr. Burnett has produced a book which I suspect I shall be dipping into for a long while, like a buffet one can't resist.

This is a man with catholic taste, whose addiction to junk food suggests he is either in need of a nutritional talking-to or a voucher to consult a shrink."

Alan Taylor, The Sunday Herald




"The Supper Book manages to hold your attention through wit and wonderful oddness."

Scotland Magazine

"A celebration and a ringing indictment of contemporary advert-driven consumerism."

Scottish Field

"Refreshingly honest and agenda-free — a rare thing in today’s food wars."

Lesley McDowell, The Herald




  • ISBN: 9780955488504