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La femme. Le mari. L’enfant. Le chat. Le petit dejeuner. Le journal. L’auteur. La festival du filme. La critique. L’agent. Le mort. La naissance.

Leamington Books distributes the eBook version of Peter Burnett's novel French Toast

It’s Edinburgh Film Festival 2020 critic Victor Eaves is set to meet the venerable French-Swiss film director Jean-Luc Godard. In a novel blending mad vulgarity with slingshot satire, Peter Burnett shatters philosophies of film as he discusses breakfast, Palestine and The Terminator with Godard.
French Toast is a family farce and cinematic adventure starring a giant of the silver screen. Available from Leamington Books in eBook.
"Burnett’s latest novel is both a scabrous satire and a rollicking caper, and comes stuffed with big ideas, memorable set pieces, clever in-jokes and caustic asides. Buried within the mayhem lurk shrewd insights into artistic judgment."




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  • ISBN: 9781914090639