Cider Camp and Other Tales

Grim, nasty and highly cynical.

Laden with gallows humour, CIDER CAMP, the debut collection from Craig Gibson, has the power to repel and amuse in equal measure, and protrays a culture in which humanity and compassion are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

In the very near future a radical solution to the problem of chronic inebriation has been devised: the RCIA, known to staff and inmates alike as CIDER CAMP, and masterminded by the frighteningly right wing Professor Blackwood.

Comparisons are made between Cider Camp and the Gulags, as well as the Death Camps, but with a crucial difference - admittance to the camps is strictly voluntary!

Also included in the collection CIDER CAMP and OTHER TALES are Accents and Manners / Choice? / The New Town Vampire

Craig Gibson is the editor of Edinburgh's One O'Clock Gun.


Words of wisdom from Zoran Rosko:
Review of Cider Camp


 "Craig Gibson already has some notoriety in Edinburgh – hopefully Cider Camp will widen his appeal. Cider Camp may be outrageous, but it is not that implausible. It’s topical, given the British Government’s austerity regime, and the relentless media stories about various undesirables – asylum seekers, welfare scroungers and the like. It is reminiscent of all the one-sided contracts that are inflicted on us by banks, utility companies, the government and the like. In some ways, we all seem to be living in Cider Camp now. And we’ve committed ourselves voluntarily."

Zoran Rosko





  • ISBN: 9780993227219