Jim Ferguson is a writer and performance poet who has been actively practicing literary art since 1986.

 Jim's website (below) provides free access to some of Ferguson's poetry, bibliographic and contact information, fiction and essays.
The author's books, DVD and CD can also be purchased safely on-line that site or those of his publishers.
Leamington Books publishes Jim's 2020 collection Weird Pleasure.


Jim Ferguson, The Pine-Box-Jig Involves no Dancing, (Whirlpool Press, Edinburgh) 2014. ISBN 978 095684389.
Jim Ferguson, Songs to Drown a Million Souls: verses on African-American music, (Fleming Press, Glasgow) 2013. ISBN 978 0955650758.
Jim Ferguson, Punk Fiddle - a novel (Whirlpool Press, Edinburgh) 2013.  ISBN 978 095684323.
Jim Ferguson, the art of catching a bus and other poems, (Edinburgh: AK Press), 1994. ISBN 1873176287.
 Jim Ferguson, Tannahill, The Soldier’s Return, with an introductory essay by Jim Ferguson, (Carluke: Read Raw Press), 2010.
ISBN 1907000054.
Chapter 4, "Tannahill and Irish Song", in Romantic Ireland: From Tone to Gonne; Fresh Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Ireland, (eds. Paddy Lyons, Willy Maley, John Miller, (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing ) 2013.  ISBN 978-1443844208