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Leamington Books will refund any unwanted items that are returned to us within 21 days assuming they are in fine condition.

Please send the items you wish to return to Leamington Books, 46 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4JL and don't forget to include a note specifying which items you require in exchange, or whether you would like a refund, and why.

Please use Facebook Messenger to speak to us if you have any questions regarding the return process.

How To Return an Incorrect, Faulty or Damaged item

Should you receive any items that you did not order or any products that prove to be faulty, please return them to us at Leamington Books, 46 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4JL, and please specify the fault if it is not immediately obvious and we will contact you regarding exchange or refund.

In returning a damaged item, please state how you would wish to be contacted, whether by telephone or email.

If you have any initial queries regarding a damaged, lost or incorrect item, please get in touch with us using Messenger.










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 workplace bullying

BULLY, INC. is an unforgiving environment where the tyranny of the few is allowed to pollute the everyday experience of the many.

It costs.

From the estimated £20 billion lost to the economy alone each year in the UK to the human cost of day in day out misery and rat-on-a-wheel drudgery and fear.

In the mold-breaking new guide from Leamington Books, Peter Burnett and Jonathan Richards dissect the issue of workplace bullying, a problem which impacts one in three of the nation’s workforce.


This book's mission is to lay bare the mechanics of bullying behaviour for everybody to see.


  • Find out how to talk about bullying and how to identify bullying behaviour.
  • Can you be sure it's bullying behaviour?
  • Can you identify this behaviour in yourself?
The mission of BULLY, INC. is to discuss all possible bullying behaviours we witness and experience at work.
BULLY, INC. anatomises modern bullying for targets, bystanders and bullies in the clearest terms.




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