Archive of Edinburgh's One O'Clock Gun Periodical. 


one o clock gun edinburghOne O' Clock Gun Number 14

Volume 4 Number 2


Reasons to be Cheerful! 

In this issue:

The Lost Superhero by Kirsti Wishart
The Control by Ross Wilson
Growing Up and Moving On by Gerry Hillmann
The Commoner's Guide to the New Town Pleasure Gardens by Craig Gibson
Sandy Meets the One O'Clock Gun by Sandy Christie
The Slaughterer of St. Stephen's Street by Gavin Inglis
Moira Knox by Robin Cairns
The Strange Case of Sandy McCall Smith and Ian Rankin by Craig Gibson
In The Zoloft Zoo by Eddie Gibbons
The War Office Regrets by Michale Conway
Depression as an Anarchism by Peter Burnett
By The Door and Before The Law by Anita Govan
Mr Bloddy's Howible London by Ben Wallers