Archive of Edinburgh's One O'Clock Gun Periodical. 


One O'Clock Gun Number 11Volume 3 Number 3

Welcome to the Celebration of the Salamander

Issue 11 features:
Star Encounters of the Monster by Peter Burnett
They Wouldn’t Accept It Was Over by Don Birnam
The Great Hall by James Wood
The Tail That Broke Off by Chris Dooks
Diamonds Deep Beneath The Mountain by Gavin Duvet
The Wild Man of the City by Kirsti Wishart
Love Has Its Reasons by Michael Conway
After the Willow by Suhayl Saadi
Incapacity Benefit by Gerry Hillman
In Scotland We Know We’re Fucked by Jenny Lindsay
The Guilt and the Glory by John Hasler
Miasma by Angus Calder
Measured Mile by Marc Phillips
The Loneliness of the Short Story Sifter by Kate Gould
Benedicta by James Wood