Jim Ferguson reading from WEIRD PLEASURE

From the ZOOM Launch Event 11th December 2020 





whose anonymous crimes are these?

who are you
who are you
tell me, please, who the fuck are you
did you die in 62
with shamrocks on your shoes
tell me, dæmon, who the fuck are you—
wise old woman
with thistles in her hair
gave us balloons to soar into the sky
dirty little man
with a spanner on his hip
left blind-innocence with a broken skull—
every trust was trampled the day you were born
jesus nor buddha could redemption bring
there was silence in the forest, filthy shadows on the streets
winter storms in radioactive zoos
be much better if you’re dead
no more seedlings running red
from your squalid hands and monster rendezvous—
turns out you were a bomb from America
from India, Pakistan, France, Russia, Israel
you were China, North Korea and Great Britain too
tell me, dæmon, who the fuck are you
who are you
who are you,
please don’t flash me once again,   
please don’t show me dæmon     who   the       fuck          are           you?
by Jim Ferguson