Mizora: A Prophecy


Our Gothic World Literature Editions imprint supports young publishers.

The Crux

From our Gothic World Literature Editions imprint.

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The Agency For Legal Deposit Libraries


Dear Publisher

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Who Sleeps With Katz by Todd McEwen - - 'Taking it Downtown'

WHO SLEEPS WITH KATZ by Todd McEwen, New York between two covers, from CB Editions.
An Epic for the Epicures and one of my favourite novels.


Thoughts on Duncan Glen by John Herdman

John Herdman on poet, publisher and editor Duncan Glen. 

Solitude in Lockdown


The frustrations of being in lockdown are sufficiently apparent, writes John Herdman, so perhaps a few words on positives would not go amiss.

Angus Calder Remembered


One O'Clock Gun editor Craig Gibson recalls how the late Angus Calder become involved in the literary broadsheet, and became one of its most frequent contributors.

Makar / Unmakar


Twelve Contemporary Poets in Scotland

Edited by Calum Rodger

Published by Tapsalteerie