scotcoin cryptocurrencyBooksIn January and February 2021, LEAMINGTON BOOKS in Edinburgh, Scotland, is offering a quarter of a million Scotcoin advance to the authors of its new crime fiction titles.

The value of Sctcoin does change like that of any other cryptocurrency, but at the time of the offer - - January 2021 - - one Scotcoin is worth about £0.10 GBP, or about $.13 USD.

One way to see if the Scotocin has value is to visit its page on CRYPTOCOMPARE.COM

As Scoctcoin is in the process of migrating to the Ethereum blockchain in early 2021, trading value is not clear. For the latest information visit the SCOTCOIN PROJECT.

At the present time (Winter / Spring 20 / 21) the Scotcoin Project will sell the sum of 250,000 Scotcoin for £12,500 (see full details here).