As for the artistsic tastes of the Scottish literary scene, I can only say: the bells ring loudly enough, but not in unison.

Today, Leamington Books joined trade body Publishing Scotland. This is the best decision I have made this year, as far as publishing goes.

And, our Scottish publishers' trade body Publishing Scotland,of which Leamington Books are now proud members, offered a specially reduced COVID-19 rate. This really helped!

Today I must undertake a most important task. I must compose my publishing company's script for Publishing Scotland's member profiles page on their website.

I'm nervous. I have to get it right. I don't want to go off like a loose cannon. Already I have made a strange decison, in branding my company with my own face. 

Publishing Scotland's newsletters have so far been helpful, gratefully received, and each one containing news direct from and about . . . publishing in Scotland. I am much taken with it. I've had interactions with their staff, who have been fast and friendly, the more so given the strange pandemic working circumstances.

This creative act, then. This composition. The About page, it is ridiculous.

I should relax. Let it flow. I've so much to say. I want to stand out from the other publishers. Silly.

The list of Publisher Members of Publishing Scotland is here.




2020 is difficult, for many people, and most everybody is inoculated with the same distemper. We never knew we had this rage inside us.

It is so hard to identify with this, we don't feel it in ourselves, but we see it in so many others.

We never knew that words, or opinions, or political views, in short, downright innocent, vacant, undefinable nothings, had the same awful power to produce the same temper that a punch in the face can effect. 

I feel I should set down my thoughts, as my actions may bear no retrospection, yet it is my actions, my work which enthralls me.

My actions are precious, my thoughts less so.




I decided to write about my personal values of FUN, SAFETY and CREATIVITY in my details for Publishing Scotland. When the full script is online, I will link to it from this page. 

I deliberately chose to use an image of my face as my company logo, as a face is more interesting, more eye-catching, even if it is a less appealing and middle-aged male face.

A human face still stands out against the logos of other companies, it can't help but do so. The photograph was taken by Ryan McGoverne, and being shot by him was fun . .  it felt safe  . . .  and it was certainly creative.

He is an expert. Because I am the company, however, and the two are one and the same, myself and my business, then why not? I cannot describe the despairing sensation of chosing logos, designing logos, and never getting it right.

So I am going to use my own face to brand the company, at least for now. I don't have to look at my own face, just you . . . world. I put my face on Twitter, instead of the logo . . . which was a boring Letter L.

While I was on Twitter I read again what people were saying, their thoughts, and rants. We have this profound ability to lose control of our tempers when we are unable to see the direct consequences of what we say and do.

By the blessing of indifference, I have simplified my politics into a general distrust of and annoyance with all existing governments. It is the shortest, easiest and most agreeable summary feeling imaginable. 


Peter Burnett