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This Decmber find new poetry books from Lesley Storm and Jim Ferguson.

And for December 2020 if you buy books from our writers, you will be able to see them being paid.

Lesley has allowed me to be transparent with you about our December contract to show you how it works. Thanks Lesley!

It's About Time cost Leamington Books exactly £2.56 a copy to have printed and delivered to us, and £2.20 to post to you in the UK, first class.

Ordinarily, Lesley and Leamington Books would split the winnings.

But for Christmas 2020, we're paying our writers the lot! You can do the sums and we will create the hashtag:




I would like to thank them all because working with them all this year has been a real privelege and a delight for me.

Terrific writers, all, and I raise a glass to them!

Peter Burnett


It's About Time, Lesley Storm (Edinburgh edition, direct from this website)

Weird Pleasure, Jim Ferguson (print and eBook)


Imelda by John Herdman

New eBook and POD paperback 

Clapperton by John Herdman

New eBook and POD paperback


What They Say About You by Eddie Gibbons.

New eBook


Left to right: Lesley Storm / Jim Ferguson / Eddie Gibbons / John Herdman