the book cover of S6 by TS Westbrook shows an oil rig leg as seen from the sea floor with a body floating in the arctic water above
The Red Cross is on a humanitarian mission to locate missing oil worker Calum Mackenzie. 
RB McGehee, second-tier reporter with Global Press’s two-man Edinburgh bureau, files a couple of paragraphs for the US wire agency and expects to hear nothing further. 
There are in any case bigger fish to fry: Scotland has unveiled unilateral carbon reduction measures, a diplomatic hoo-ha with Norway threatens to escalate into what the locals would call a proper stooshie, and Frankfurt HQ is cracking down on expenses.
The story, however, refuses to go away. And McGehee – risking life, love and career – is entangled in a desperate race against time to solve the riddle of what happened to the experimental drilling platform Sligachan 6.
S6 follows McGehee’s investigations as he visits oil companies, government offices and whistle-blowers. Closed doors turn to violent responses the closer McGehee gets to the truth.
This new investigative thriller from TS Westbrook is published in May 2023.
this is author todd westbrook, writing as TS Westbrook for the investigate thriller S6
  • ISBN: 9781914090769