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Jane GoldmanBorder Thoughts 

by Jane Goldman

Border Thoughts by Jane Goldman is a collection of poems and elegies on the painter Caroline McNairn.

This collection was published in 2014 by the imprint SUFFICIENT PLACE.

Border Thoughts moves beyond the elegy genre, instead embodying and immortalising the deep soul and sparkle of her decades-long friendship with the artist Caroline McNairn (1955 - 2010) and their shared engagement with both art and politics.


 "Goldman's experimental flexibility of lyric expression is unexpected and unflinching to a T as she tears through and deftly clambers over borders of all kinds. In the context of right now, there isn't a more thoughtful and energised response to the national and global political dynamics, and that's something that isn't likely to change."


Colin Herd



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ISBN: 9780955488573
ISBN: 9780955488573