Black Vampire

WARNING: Contains moderate bloody violence against slavers and plantation owners.

This pioneer vampire tale from 1819 spills revenge-cold blood.

The story's narrator leads us through high gothic terror, to radical outrage, to broadsides on the morality of slavery, reaching a blood-soaked conclusion dripping with 'biting' polemic vilifying the bankers who caused the horrendous economic recession of that same year.

A horror fable from 200 years hence, The Black Vampyre was the first ever vampire story to be published in America, now reprinted as it rises from its literary grave!



The Black Vampyre


John Herdman's masterpiece of the modern Scottish Gothic appears in print, e-book and audio book with a new introduction from the author. 

Raw and immoral, Imelda is a puzzle, mocking the reader in its quest for answers. Murder and madness this way lie―but who if anyone is to be believed in unpicking the deadly secrets behind the birth of cousin Imelda's child?

An assured masterpiece from Scotland's finest chronicler of the dark side, Imelda, first published in 1993 became an instant classic of Scottish letters.


Imelda at Gothic World Literature Editions



one o clock gun anthology cover

The One O'Clock Gun Anthology


Distributed free in Edinburgh's bars and bookshops the One O'Clock Gun began in 2004 as a thought provoking, ballsy and often irreverent paper that initially appeared with a humble few followers.

Today, over fifteen years later, The Gun is an Edinburgh institutution.




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