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  SIMON'S WIFE   L.M. Affrossman   Sparsile Books   9781999871390   £9.99        GR05
 THE PROMISE  L.M. Affrossman Sparsile Books 9781999871376  £8.99      GR05
 HOW TO DO PRIVACY IN THE 21ST CENTURY  Peter Burnett  Eyewear Publishing  9781912477012  £9.99      BB16
 THE STUDIO GAME  Peter Burnett  Fledgling Press  9781905916580  £7.99      SD02
 MACSONNETRIES: THE BUDS OF MAY BE  Petra Reid  Scotland Street Press  9781910895139  £7.99      TP03
 THE STEEL GARDEN  Lorna J. Waite  Word Power Books  9780956628343  £5      LJ04
 POTTER'S FIELD  Chris Dolan  Vagabond Voices  9781908251329  £9.95      AV01
 SLAVE TO FORTUNE  D.J. Munro  D.J. Munro  9781512022117  £9.99      DJ03
 HAMISH HENDERSON AND SCOTTISH SONG  Ian Spring  Hog's Back Press  9780954070427  £29.95      BB01
 ON THE HEROISM OF MORTALS  Allan Cameron  Vagabond Voices  978  £8.95      BB01
 #FREETOPIARY: AN OCCUPY ROMANCE  Peter Burnett  Thirsty Books  9781908931214  £6.99      JK01
 THE MILE  Craig A. Smith  Pilrig Press  9780956614483  £6.99      NM01
 CIDER CAMP AND OTHER TALES  Craig Gibson  Leamington Books  9780993227219  £5      NM19
 THE EVERGREEN VOLUME 3  Various  The Word Bank  9780993054440  £15      TO15
 THE EVERGREEN VOLUME 1  Various  The Word Bank  9780993054402  £15      TU04
 THE EVERGREEN VOLUME 4  Various  The Word Bank  9780993054471  £15      TR03
 PAPILIO KAFKA  Ayyappan Moolesseril  Whitman Indie Press  NONE  £5      AS01
 ODIUM  Peter Burnett  Thirsty Books  9781902831732  £9.99      BB02
 TRADITIONAL TALES  Allan Cunningham  ASLS  97819068410809  £12.95      BD02
 CHAPMAN 110  Joy Hendry / Angus Calder  Chapman    £7.50      CH03
 BORDER THOUGHTS  Jane Goldman  Sufficient Place  9780955488573  £5.00      BT01
 PUSH 2  Joe England  East London Press  9780993112300  £7.99      PUSH03
 SONGS OF THE GREY COAST  George Gunn  Chapman  9780906772447  £8.99      GR01
 CARLUCCO AND THE QUEEN OF HEARTS  George Rosie  Chapman  9780906772430  £8.95      GR02
 ALIYYAH  Chris Dolan  Vagabond Voices  9781908251442  £8.95      AL01
 IN FREEDOM'S SHADOW  Joseph Glackin  Thirsty Books  9780993282805  £9.99      SDX02
 COMICS AND COLUMBINE  Tom Campbell  Sparsile Books  9781999871345  £8.99      SP05
 CHAPMAN 109  Joy Hendry / Stewart Conn  Chapman  9781903700198  £5.50      CH02
 FOOD OF GHOSTS  Marianne Wheelaghan  Pilrig Press  9780956614438  £9.99      MW01
 MY BONNIE SCOTLAND  Jim Ferguson  Tapsalteerie  9780992663162  £5      FY04
 A JOB IN LIMBO  Glenn Falconer  Purple Flame Books  NONE  £6.00      TB02
 FAULT LINES  Gerry Loose  Vagabond Voices  9781908251343  £8.95      GT03
 THE NATURE OF THE BEAST  Glenn Falconer  Scaryme Books  NONE  £5.00      NS02
 BUTT MONKEY  Glenn Falconer  Scaryme Books  NONE  £5      TD02
 REVOLUTIONARY WITTICISMS OF FOX / KANE AND LECKIE  Gregor Gall  Word Power Books  9780954918507  £5.99      BD04
 BETWEEN THE LINES  Chris Close  Capercailie  9781909305816  £30      CC05
 HEAVEN'S HAND  Glenn Falconer  Scaryme Books  NOT KNOWN          NS02
 THE HOUSE THAT WEPT  Glenn Falconer  Purple Flame Books  NOT KNOWN  £6.00      NS02
 DARK O'CLOCK  Glenn Falconer  Scaryme Books  NOT KNOWN  £6.00      NS02
 THE NATURE OF THE BEAST  Glenn Falconer  Scaryme Books  NOT KNOWN  £6.00      NS02
 THE PEERIE MONSTER AND THE CHRISTMAS SNEAK THIEF  Nyssa Pinkerton  Fledgling Press  9781905916696  £8.99      FL01
 RANDOM TREASURE  Roger Stewart  The Book Guild  9781912083558  £12.99      PP02
 THE GIRL WHO ATE NEW YORK  H.P. Tinker  East London Press  9780993112317  £9.99      DD02
 SCIENCE FOR HERETICS  Barrie Condon  Sparsile Books  9781999871369  £9.99      WE02
 THE STORYTELLER  Chris Trotter  Austin Macauley  9781786125781  £7.99      ST05
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