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. . . for your crime novel.



In 2021 Leamington Books launches its new genre imprint 25 / 8 and are now looking for submissions for crime fiction.

As an advance payment to the first crime fiction title we publish we are offering a very large sum of cryptocurrency:


250,000 SCOTCOIN

cryptocurrency scotcoin





Send print submissions of crime fiction to 25 / 8 LEAMINGTON BOOKS, 32 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4JL, Scotland.

You can also submit to us by email, sending us Word Docs or PDFs to the following address:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NOTE! This is not our regular company email address. This email address is not used by Leamington Books to communicate and you will only receive emails from this address to inform those who submit of our decision.

If you wish to contact Leamington Books for any reason please use our contact form.


YES! We are offering a no-strings payment of a quarter of a million Scotcoin for a license to be the publisher of your novel. Potential value, terms and more information about what cryptocurrency is, and our submission requirements below!






For postal and email submissions we would like to see:


  • A synopsis of your novel, no more than one page in length;

  • Short descriptions of the central characters of the novel; the novel's location, and time-period (e.g. present-day); any other genre or type crossovers (e.g. queer, chiller, domestic, cosy, historical, serial killer, supernatural, police procedural, political, etc.)

  • An excerpt from the novel; this must be the start of the book - no more than 30 pages please.

  • A rough word-count of the novel; 

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NOTES: The authors we work with do not have to accept their advance payment in SCOTCOIN - -  they can just as easily have the quarter of a million SCOTCOIN in its equivalent in exploded dollars. Or unexploded ones. Any cryptocurrency will be theirs to do with as they will; cash it in, trade it, or hold on to it. 
We encourage authors from diverse backgrounds to submit their work and make their voices heard.
We are looking for strong storytelling, fresh ideas, new twists on familiar tropes, and above all fascinating characters to introduce to the world. We even don't mind receiving submissions of tartan noir! But your novel can be set anywhere.
We are seeking debut novelists as well as self-represented writers and authors who may already be established.
For our 2021 call for submissions of crime fiction, we are only looking for adult crime fiction and not looking for crime fiction that crosses over with YA fiction, children's fiction, sci-fi or erotica.
We will be in touch within three months if your submission is of interest. During this window, please only get in touch if you have an offer from another publisher or if you have signed up with a literary agent. 
We read every submission and intend to respond to each; however if you don’t hear from us before May 2021, please assume that your submission is unsuccessful. Do not be disheartened if you don’t hear from us. What is not right for us may be exactly the thing that another publisher is seeking; we will try and respond to each submission however.
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