One O'Clock Gun Anthology


Distributed free in Edinburgh's bars and bookshops the One O'Clock Gun began in 2004 as a thought provoking, ballsy and often irreverent paper that initially appeared with a humble few followers.

Today, over ten years later, it still has those humble few followers.

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Cider Camp and Other Tales

Grim, nasty and highly cynical.

Laden with gallows humour, CIDER CAMP, the debut collection from Craig Gibson, has the power to repel and amuse in equal measure, and protrays a culture in which humanity and compassion are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

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Border Thoughts

by Jane Goldman

Border Thoughts by Jane Goldman is a collection of poems and elegies on the painter Caroline McNairn (1955-2010)

This collection was published in 2014 by the imprint SUFFICIENT PLACE.

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Stealing Fire

by Craig Sterling

Someone has stolen the designs for the world's most advanced missile, and only one man can stop them - but he's too busy smoking, drinking and eating pizza.

Meet failed Royal Marine commando turned arms dealer, Andy Harris, and his drunken boss, Bob Stone.


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The Supper Book

by Peter Burnett

The Supper Book is an annotated list of everything that one man ate and drank over one year.

The list is glossed, especially when the author realised the incredible natures of the many concoctions he had purchased or been served.

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Burrito Deluxe

On the Road for the Offbeat Generation

"Joseph is an enigma, his novel’s soundtrack a beautiful timeless cheesy groove with perfect balance."

Abbie Foxton

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Proctor's Legacy

A man asleep, Rubio flees Paris for the Egyptian desert. He escapes his back-biting colleagues, the proximity of his ex-wife, and the depressions that he diagnoses daily in the medical surgery.

Beat. Depression. Is your face sore yet?

Nothing could stop Peter Burnett from writing this novel.

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What They Say About You

by Eddie Gibbons

Eddie Gibbons’ fourth full length collection, WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU, is a poetry book like no other.

Playful, thoughtful, inventive, and much larger than your average slim volume What They Say About You was shortlised in poetry for Scottish Book of the Year.

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