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Peter Burnett Leamington BooksLeamington Books is a publisher based in Scotland from writer Peter Burnett.

Peter is author of ten books, and since February 2020 has concentrated on building a successful publishing company.

Leamington Books' current list profiles both alternative and mainstream voices; Lesley Storm, poet and performer; Jim Ferguson, performer, dissenter and one of Scotland's favourite working class voices; as well as republishing the works of Scottish literary figurehead, John Herdman.

We believe it is within our capabilities to publish alternative voices and offer them many of the advantages of mainstream publishing.

We offer writers a contract that is written in plain English, tailored to each writer, and unique in the publishing industry, a contract which allows them higher royalty rates and the ability to retain ownership of their rights.

We publish print Edinburgh Editions, Print-On-Demand, eBook and Audible versions of all our titles.







Gothic themed fiction, plus actual, factual and historically gothic books, classics and modern.


Fiction // Counter Fiction


Poetry for all . . . printed, spoken and sent to your device





Our company values are as follows. Everything we do, as well as every interaction we have will always be:







These three words have made our projects and work experiences a delight, and ensure super-productive working environments, where decisions are straightforward and everybody, regardless of status or intersectional identity or characteristic can meet, enjoy and always give their best.

To find out more about this system of values, you can read our best-seller BULLY, INC. or read this blog post (LINK).

Currently we sell books both on this website and through the Scottish Books Amazon Bookshop.



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Bully, Inc. Peter Burnett


We have all worked at BULLY, INC.

An unforgiving workplace environment where the tyranny of one is allowed to pollute the everyday work experience of the many.

BULLY, INC. is our game changing guide to one of the greatest malaises of our time.

It costs. From the estimated £20 billion lost to the economy each year in the UK  to the human cost of day in day out misery and rat-on-a-wheel drudgery and fear.

In his mould-breaking new book author Peter Burnett dissects the phenomenon of Workplace Bullying - which impacts one in three people in the workforce.

He offers a road map out of this infectious 21st Century workplace malaise - a malaise that stretches from the small businesses to the Houses of Parliament - itself charged with legislating on behaviour in the workplace -  to the boardrooms of the very biggest global players.

BULLY, INC  shows how we are now using technology to bully and how media itself can be charged as guilty in its preoccupation with and demonisation of celebrities visible in their workplace.

BULLY, INC. answers your fundamental questions about workplace bullying:

What is and what is not bullying at work?

Why am I the target?

How do bullies get away with it?

What role do bystanders play?

​BULLY, INC. is the definitive guide to neutralising and eliminating the bully in your workgroup.





"Bully Inc is a very useful book to understand the nature of bullying. It is insightful and informative about the nature of this toxic interaction.  The author,  Peter Burnett, is respectful of all parties involved; he accounts for the experience of targets but still seeks to understand the reasons bullying arises in organisations without blame and accusation."

Mary O'Neill, BACP Accredited Counsellor & EMDR Accredited Practitioner

"Bully, Inc is a values based approach to a silent epidemic that has been plaguing workplaces around the globe for decades.  Peter Burnett drags workplace bullying out of the darkness and gives readers an easy way to understand this complex abuse. He illustrates how aggression takes shape in the office using real situations and shares, in detail, what targets can do when they find themselves in this devastating circumstance. In addition, Bully, Inc provides company’s with steps they can take to prevent and correct abusive behaviors before it permeates all aspects of the business and destroys lives of those they employe. I highly recommend this read to all that are interested in an expanded and fresh new view on the topic."

Janice White, The Empowered Employee

"Everyone with a job.  Every employee, manager and boss.  Every company.  All of you.  All of us.  Everyone should read this sad, shocking, friendly and brilliantly helpful book.  The world of work is where most of us will live most of our lives.  Let's make it a better place.  Start with this book."

Tadg Farrington, author of The Average Life Of The Average Person: How It All Adds Up




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ISBN: 9780993227271
ISBN: 9780993227271