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"... where Poets rave, recite, and madden as they stand."



leamington books peter burnettLeamington Books is a publisher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is run by writer and publisher Peter Burnett.

We publish special physical 'Edinburgh Editions', superior print on demand paperbacks, ebooks and audio books of our titles.

John Herdman's Imelda is the first title in our imprint Gothic World Literature Editions


workplace bullying bully inc bookBULLY, INC.  - the definitive guide to neutralising and eliminating the bully in your workgroup. BULLY, INC shows how we are now using technology to bully and how media itself can be charged as guilty in its preoccupation with and demonisation of celebrities visible in their workplace.

Anti-bullying experts Peter Burnett and Jonathan Richards offer a road map out of this infectious 21st Century workplace malaise - a malaise that stretches from the small businesses to the Houses of Parliament - itself charged with legislating on behaviour in the workplace - to the boardrooms of the very biggest global players.

Until our own online shop is running, some books are available at The Scottish Books Amazon bookstore. This is the best buying option as this store pays the publisher 100% commission.


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Cover Image on HOMEPAGE:  PATERSON(1875) p012 THE CITY OF EDINBURGH.jpg from Paterson's Guide to Edinburgh. Author: William PATERSON, Publisher. This file is from the Mechanical Curator collection, a set of over 1 million images scanned from out-of-copyright books and released to Flickr Commons by the British Library.

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Gustave Doré - Landscape in Scotland - Walters 372625: circa 1878 // oil on canvas // height: 131 cm (51.5″); width: 196 cm (77.1″) // Doré visited Scotland on a salmon-fishing expedition in 1873, and over the next eight years, he painted a number of scenes based on his sketches of the Scottish landscape.
Vinterlandskab med Brabrand Kirke [Winter Landscape with Brabrand Church] by Gebauer, Christian David  (15-10-1777 to 15-09-1831) //circa 1831 // oil on canvas // height: 60 cm (23.6″); width: 95 cm (37.4″)