John Herdman's masterpiece of the modern Scottish Gothic appears in print, e-book and audio book with a new introduction from the author. 

Raw and immoral, Imelda is a puzzle, mocking the reader in its quest for answers. Murder and madness this way lie―but who if anyone is to be believed in unpicking the deadly secrets behind the birth of cousin Imelda's child?

An assured masterpiece from Scotland's finest chronicler of the dark side, Imelda, first published in 1993 became an instant classic of Scottish letters.


Imelda at Gothic World Literature Editions



one o clock gun anthology cover

The One O'Clock Gun Anthology


Distributed free in Edinburgh's bars and bookshops the One O'Clock Gun began in 2004 as a thought provoking, ballsy and often irreverent paper that initially appeared with a humble few followers.

Today, over fifteen years later, The Gun is an Edinburgh institutution.







We have all worked at BULLY, INC.


An unforgiving workplace environment where the tyranny of one is allowed to pollute the everyday work experience of the many.

BULLY, INC. is our game changing guide to one of the greatest malaises of our time.


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Burrito Deluxe

On the Road for the Offbeat Generation

"Joseph is an enigma, his novel’s soundtrack a beautiful timeless cheesy groove with perfect balance."

Abbie Foxton

19 years since its original conception cult author Joseph Ridgwell has finally produced the road novel to end all road novels.

From the mean streets of East London to the intoxicating thoroughfares of Mexico City, emerges a tale of two young men disconnecting from all forms of technology and society at large in a mad chase for total freedom.

Set in London and Mexico, the novel chronicles the end of youth and idealism and a total rejection of the modern world.


Literature fiends will love this novel. The narrative is sharp and stylish and loaded with imagination – the work of a brave new talent.

John King, author of The Football Factory and Human Punk

Burrito Deluxe tells of drunkenness, East End underworld escapades, thieving La Merced prostitutes, drug-fuelled trips to sacred Mayan temples, psychedelic peyote visions, hippy lifestyles, romantic liaisons, and the search for the legendary Lost Elation at the mystical Beach of the Dead.

A study in pathological behaviour at close quarters, Burrito Deluxe is a Joseph Ridgwell special - the true story of two young men in search of freedom and adventure, but finding nothing but lies, dreams, insanity and death.

Copies of Burrito Deluxe by Ridgwell are now available from this site! And you can order it from your local independent bookshop.

Meantime though, Leamington Books will send you a copy of this thoroughly beat novel, post free, if you can pay us by Paypal:



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"As an adventure dream guide it is perfect. Super smart dialogue, effortless and mucho romantic. Lord Byron’s gentle winds, climes and skies loom close by the sun kissed bare and salty skin of the people Joe meets. This story made me smile large through the sheer cockiness of it’s protagonist, and his infectious lust for life. Joseph is an enigma, his novel’s soundtrack a beautiful timeless cheesy groove with perfect balance."

Abbie Foxton

"Burrito Deluxe is a highly entertaining road novel that will at the very least leave you with a severe case of wanderlust, and will hopefully garner Joseph Ridgwell the notoriety that his talent deserves. Special mention has to go to the astounding front cover design – A woodcut from Southern Californian artist Jose Arroyo – in my humble opinion never before has a cover so accurately captured the spirit and essence of a novel so perfectly."

Martin Appleby at HAND JOB ZINE

"Although this book contains the classic Ridgwell ingredients that make it simple, fun and invigorating – this book seemed deeper and more compelling than ever. Whether you’ve ever even been abroad or not, there’s a nostalgic coming of age vibe that runs through this flawlessly.

Burrito Deluxe gives you the whole enchilada; a real and raw account of two East End gringos traveling through Mexico. And one that’ll have you turning page after page, in voracious succession. All of which is presented under another beautiful cover by the impressive woodcut artist/writer Jose Arroyo. So it’s time to invest your time and money wisely – find those credit cards and follow the links…"

Gwil James Thomas at EMPTY MIRROR - read the Full Review


Raised in East London Ridgwell left school with no qualifications, but despite this or maybe because of it he read his way through every classic book, underground writer, poet or philosopher he could get his hands on.

At nineteen he was stabbed in a bar brawl and decided to leave the UK, travel the world, and learn how to write. Ridgwell has lived in Cuba, Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Belize and finally Thailand where he ran a bar. During his travels he lived in a shack, a boat, a bar, a brothel, bedsits and with strangers from all over the world.

Ridgwell brings back stories from the edge, infused with humour, sex, philosophy, hope, defiance, brutality and truth. Since his return to London he has published numerous collections of poerty and prose and is a cult figure of the literary underground both in the UK and abroad.

Ridgwell's other books are: Where are the Rebels (2008) / Load the Guns (2009) / Last Days of the Cross (2009) / Lost Elation (2010) / Oswald’s Apartment (2010) / Indonesia (2011) / The Buddha Bar (2011) / The Tsanta Expedition (2011) / Fire Island (2012) / The Famous Ice-Cream Run (2013) / A Child of the Jago (2013) / Cuba (2014) / Ridgwell - Stories (2015) / Jamaica (2015) / Mexico (2015)

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ISBN: 9780993227202
ISBN: 9780993227202

 workplace bullying

BULLY, INC. is an unforgiving environment where the tyranny of the few is allowed to pollute the everyday experience of the many.

It costs.

From the estimated £20 billion lost to the economy alone each year in the UK to the human cost of day in day out misery and rat-on-a-wheel drudgery and fear.

In the mold-breaking new guide from Leamington Books, Peter Burnett and Jonathan Richards dissect the issue of workplace bullying, a problem which impacts one in three of the nation’s workforce.


This book's mission is to lay bare the mechanics of bullying behaviour for everybody to see.


  • Find out how to talk about bullying and how to identify bullying behaviour.
  • Can you be sure it's bullying behaviour?
  • Can you identify this behaviour in yourself?
The mission of BULLY, INC. is to discuss all possible bullying behaviours we witness and experience at work.
BULLY, INC. anatomises modern bullying for targets, bystanders and bullies in the clearest terms.





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